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Here are the projects I'm working on as of August 2020.


A little vague sounding, but I'm thinking a lot about space and researching some topics. Check the blog to see what's going on there.


Tired of hunting for the perfect remote job? Let the jobs come and find you!

Remote Matcher

This is a work in progress, so visit the site and sign up to learn more as I roll it out.

Tech stack: Python, Google Cloud Services, SMTP


I've written a book to help teach Python developers (especially those that are new to the language) about how to debug Python projects.

Check out PythonDebugging.com

I also have a course to help teach Python developers about debugging Python code. It's a FREE 5 part email course!

Here's where you can sign up for the course right now! (Feedback is welcome, simply reply to any of the emails):

Heroic Inspiration/Timeless Stoic Quotes

I have this idea that the world needs more inspiration. This is an ongoing experiment (without a clearly defined end goal), but if you would like to see what is going on with it, check out:

  • Timeless Stoic Quotes (Over 5,000 people in the group!)
  • Heroic Inspiration
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