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Here are the projects I'm working on as of July 2017.

Python Debugging Course

I'm developing a course to help teach Python developers about debugging Python code. This is an under-taught topic in my opinion, so this is my contribution to try and make things better.

Right now it is a 5 email course. I am working on publishing a PDF that goes into deeper detail of the tools and techniques involved in getting your code from broken to working.

Here's where you can sign up for the course right now! (Feedback is welcome, simply reply to any of the emails):

Heroic Inspiration

I have this idea that the world needs more inspiration. This is an ongoing experiment (without a clearly defined end goal), but if you would like to see what is going on with it, check out:

  • Daily Stoic Inspiration
  • Heroic Inspiration
  • Entreprogrammers: Seal Team

    Every week I do a call with my mastermind group and we record and publish it as a podcast/video. Check it out!

  • Entreprogrammer Seal Team archives
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