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Over the years I have helped out many friends and family members with various computer tasks. From custom programs to new websites, databases to Excel spreadsheets, there's not much I haven't done. Listed below are some of the sites that I have worked on, and a description of what I did to help out. Send me an email if you have any questions or if you have a task you are interested in having me look at.

Royal Moon Beads
- My wife's beading buisness. She asked me to help her with the "Buisness side" of her buisness, namely setting up the website and getting her back office operations in order. I have done this by writing and maintaing her website, and setting up spreadsheets to help her with inventory tracking. Additionally, I am in the process of writing a cross platform Python application to allow her to update her website product gallery with ease.

- My dad's unit from Vietnam, the F Troop, 8th Calvary, Americal Division. Several years ago the members of the Blueghosts Association (several hundred of them) were being kept track of using an Excel spreadsheet. Unfourtunately, there were 4 or 5 copies floating around, each one with different member's listed in it. I was approached and asked to help out with this. I designed a simple database schema, consolidated the Excel data, and uploaded it to a database. I then designed a password protected PHP based website that would allow the members of the association to look up each other. A feature of the web site was the ability for each user to restict access to their personal data (email address, phone number, etc.) if they chose to.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to send an email.

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