Developer Interviews Book

I’m super happy to announce that my first book, “Developer Interviews: How to land your dream job on your terms” has been released on Amazon!

Developer Interviews vocer

Developer Interviews: How to land your dream job on your terms

Check it out:

In this book I give my tips on how software developers can interview better when it comes to the dreaded job hunt. Some of the things I talk about include:

– What companies are looking for
– What YOU should be looking for in a company
– Warning signs that a company might be a bad fit for you
– Why technical recruiters can be a great help
– What to do if you make a mistake during the interview

The book is available for a very programmer friendly price of $1.28, or if you are a member of Amazon Prime you can borrow it for free on your Kindle! Also, if you are subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, this book can be yours for free!

I would really appreciate it if you check the book out and leave me a a rating and review on it. Thank your for checking out my developer interviews book